Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diaper-less nights begins !

Just two weeks ago, my lil' man asked me "Mummy, can I sleep without diapers at night ? I want to tell Owen that I, too , can sleep without diaper."

See the power of peer pressure ? I just told him vaguely that Owen has been diaperles at night for a long time. When is he ready to do that ? Then, his questions came.

First two nights, was a stuggle for me. I woke every hourly to check if he stayed dry. Good enough, it was a great start ! About 5 days straight with no accidents, until last night ...

He woke me up and told me he wet his pants and he got real upset about it. Despite telling him and reassuring him that it's ok, he still dropped his tears a little.

Well, guess, he got the experience of it and hope he can wake automatically and pee himself, without having me to wake him instead. Anyway, it's another great achievement for this young man here !

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