Thursday, August 9, 2012

For this is where I know it's HOME ! Happy 47th Birthday Singapore !

Every year, the mood for celebrating for National Day is always kick start by Racial Harmony Day, sports day and followed by our annual outing to watch fireworks.
This year's Racial harmony day, he wore a set of Kurta Pajama. Great thanks to my lecturer who brought it back from Bombay. Xav is definately thrilled and excited to don this to school !

For YCKC's sports day, as usual, held at Hougang Stadium and this year was great to have dear dear being able to join us. Well, this year, the school called me up again to see if I can render my services to them as per last year and the teacher told me " well Mrs Chua, no escape for you. You will be our parent volunteer until Xavier graduates hahaha " ! Looks like next two years I know that I will confirmed be reserving my leave for this school event.

On the 8th Aug 2012, their school has a National day celebration and here he is. in his red and white.

Our NDP dinner ...

Excitedly, we made our way to Stewards Riverboat for dinner, with the kids singing the national day songs on our way ! Decked in red and white, we spiced up the mood in celebrating our Nation's birthday with the lovely tattoos sticked on before we left house.

Went with the Hans and the Sims, we had great fun dining under the sky and waited for fireworks !


The little friends wishes a  Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore ! We love you !

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