Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have been on the topic "Metomorphosis" for this two months. Learn on the life cycle of a butterfly, plants and some sea animals.

We started off with getting butterfly kits and adopting caterpillars either from Dana's mummy who kindly passed it to us or caught by the amazing por por who always manage to catch one or two on her plants.

This is the most recent beauty that we adopted. Took it about 8-9 days to transform into a butterfly.

A close up of it. How amazing !

We made a craft on the life cycle too combining with some of his foam craft and some materials from Daiso. The cheeky boy posing with his caterpillar made of pom poms. Add a pair of goggly eyes and tad-dah you got it! A hungry caterpillar ! 

The ending product of our mini project, thanks Irene for sparing us the leaves.

After these rounds of visually seeing the changes, he got the concepts and is ablw to tell you the stages in sequence.

Follow by, he larnt some amazing facts about some ocean creatures through the Zoophonics Holiday Program "Under the deep sea abyss". I remembered asking him casually on what did he learnt in Zoophonics for the first lesson. I was surprise that he could relate how the sea horse gave birth and yes he did it in a simple way and got it all right !

I managed to google for some online worksheets relating to the life cycle of a seahorse and he he is, cutting and pasting the life cycle in the correct sequence.

I'm still in the midst of doing up a simple journal for all these to be added on into his individual learning folder.

I got to admit that am not discipline enough to stick to a theme. All these are taught along the time line whereby he is being taught, hence I further drill and let him see a more clearer picture.

I'm still laggin behind some posts, one of which is the Green Eco Circle Farm we went with a group of mummies fro the Facebook "Homeschooling" page.

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