Thursday, April 19, 2012

Xav @ 48 months

My lil' buddy here entered the fabulous 4 stage ! Still remains as spontaneous and outgoing ! Always fun going and full of curiosity !

His latest improvement is, he finally grips the pencil correctly without having me to constantly remind him "Hey, where's your good and bang" (A method taught by his school)

And as usual his love for numbers motivates him greatly to learn addition and subtraction. I have taught him "Adding 1" and give him any number from 1-99 plus 1, he will be able to tell you the answer as he has understood the adding 1 concept. He happily learnt the "Adding 2s" when I advanced a little further, by counting using his fingers. One day, after I returned from work, I asked him to do a page of "Adding 2" assignment for me. Guess what, he did "Adding 3" instead all by himself without any difficulty.
Am glad that he is still ever so enthusiastic in learning things ! I got him an sewing kit with a kid friendly sewing needle made of plastic and big enough for their tiny hands. I guided him and he slowly got the hang of it. Here's one of his completed pouch !

Yes, he just turned 4 and he now tells me " mummy, I'll be 5 years old soon !! " He can't wait to grow up and be like an adult ! As he grows, he "upgraded" to more "sophiscated" toys like Lego ! He chose this set himself and got daddy to buy him. See a super happy Xavier here !

And of course, he learns better "bargaining" skills now and would often come out with unexpected answers for us. One day, we were asking him some questions and we knew that he was not telling the truth for fear that we would get angry. We asked him if we can scold him or smack him if we found out that he is not telling the truth. His reply was " That's not a good idea ! ". We carried on asking him "So what do you suggest we do if we can't scold or smack you", he gave a instant pause hahhaa tongue tied ! His answers to us gradually made us realised, he is no longer a baby, slowly as he grows, he has become more aware of himself and people around him. Sometimes, I hope he would stop growing at this stage ! This is a really fun stage which I hope I can spend more time with him !

Monday, April 9, 2012

Stepping into his Fabulous 4 !!

Our little buddy has turned 4 !!! He's growing more witty, gaining more knowledge, growing taller (But weight remains unchanged, more expressive and is more aware of himself now !

We thanked everyone for your presence, gifts and blessings for Xavier ! Hope you guys enjoyed the party as much as we did !

This year's party, I almost DIY most of the party deco with a help of a friend. A red, black and yellow banner coupled with bouquet of balloons of the same colour theme for the Cars Theme Party.

DIY these mini boxes as party packs for the guests. No fanciful toys but a pack of cranberries softbake cookies. (Drop me a message should you want to personalise the box for any parties. But at least a 3 weeks notice please)

DIY the cupcake toppers for the cupcakes. and yes ! Thanks Jo again for teaching me how to frost the cuppies ! Learning something new each time I DIY something for an occasion.

Thanks Jo for this gift to Xavier.

From the helicopter's view.

This yr's surprise for him was Toybox ! We engaged their service to have a cosy, close up session with the kids for a session of puppetry, music, drama and story telling at the party.

Toybox Team guiding Xav in leading the Birthday Train !

The cheeky boy TRANSFORMs !!

May our little boy here remains as spontaneous, outgoing and as fabulous as always ! Hope this yr's party has once again leave him a deep impression and he shall carries these memories with him as he grows.

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