Monday, December 5, 2011

Standard Chartered Marathon 2011

This year, Xav participated in a world class marathon together with daddy. Daddy went for his 42km while Xav went for his 750m fun dash under my accompany.

The lil' marathoners !

Ready to start !!

He's all ready !!!!

He ran and ran non stop !

Though I saw that he was tired but he didnt give up nor ask me to carry him ! I spurred him on telling him he was doing great ! On and off I encouraged him by holding his hand and ran together ! He was thrilled that I told him that he is going to reach the finishing line !

He gave the supporters who were cheering by the sides a "Five" when he ran past them !

My champs who completed their 42km and 750m dash !

See how he negotiated for more 100 plus after the run.

They are trying to tell you, if they can do it, so can you ! Am proud of them to have completed the run ! Looking forward to the next SCM in 2012 !!

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