Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cold Storage Kids Run '11

A superlong overdued post and finally I'm getting done with it after almost 5 months ! That's how busy I can be when I need to work and spend time with Xav after I knocked off ! But life pretty fulfilling when I get to meet up with friends for meals more often now that with a presence of a helper.

Back to the post, this is Xav's first race ever !

A 800m fun race (equivalent to 2 rounds of a stadium) and this sunshine, sporty little lad, totally loves it !

We were there pretty early and we got involved in "catching" mascots for photo takings, taking part in mini obstacles course.

This is the Mamil Boy !

Totally enjoying his race !

Reaching the finishing point !

Everyone is a CHAMPION ! And he got his 1st medal !

Met up with the Ongs after the run ! One with Owen !

And found the Chewys too !

Our next run will be on this sunday ! Standard Chartered Run 2011 ! Looking forward !!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 1st Fluffy bread making class !

Weeks back, attended a fluffy bread making class from Uptownsweets conducted by Joys.

Pretty interesting class, loaded with theories, hands on and lots of laughter !

I learnt to mix the dough by two techniques, either by machine or by hand. So those of you who don't have a bread machine, this class is good for you !

I learnt how to prepare the really heavenly tasty vanilla pastry cream too !

These are the sweet buns. They tasted real good with the blueberries Jam !

Oreo Bun ! Hot favourite when I brought it home ! Xav even gave me a thumbs up !

The round and pretty Egg mayo pizza !

I even brought my home made Hay Bee Hiam for the fillings =p

Sausage Buns

This is what we have learnt and produce from the class !

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