Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Da:ns Festival 2011 - Footwork Twinkle Toes

It's time to groove ! Together with some friends, we registered for a hiphop dance workshop "Baby Pop" @ Esplanade. Xavier enjoyed himself to the max! It was a great opportunity to bond with him but unfortunately, at the beginning of the class, I actually injured my lower back nerves and have to lie down with an ice pack to relieve the intense pain. But I realised, for the first time, Xav did not mind that I am not with him and was happily grooving to the music with his other friends !

Here's the fun loving instructors !

I asked Xavier at the end of the workshop if he loved the class, he replied YES !

I have checked with them that currently they dont have a class for 3 year old kids. But should we are able to form a group to start a class, we can email them. So should if any of you are interested, can drop me a mail ya ! We can form our own private class !

To call it a day, we went to lunch at Thai Express. And the little boy got his once in a while treat ! Lollipop ! It's a lollipop day !

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