Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baked Fillet with BBQ sauce

Last friday, I attended my department bbq event. Was quite surprised with some of the food prepared by the male colleagues ! Some made satay, some marinated fillets and my boss cooked her highly sought after by all - curry chicken !

Got to know the recipe for the fillets, so I went back to try.

Ingredients used for marination are as follow :

1. orange juice
2. apple vinegar
3. lemon juice
4. a dash of salt

Instead of BBQ-ing it, I tried to bake it. Afterwich, I spread some bbq sauce on both sides of fillets and continue to bake till cooked. It could have taste better if I did not over baked it as it tends to be a little dry. But on the whole it tasted pretty good with the sauce and salad.

One of the easiest and time saving dish !

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