Monday, September 12, 2011

School Holiday Assignment - Lantern Making

Xav has been tasked with a school holiday assignment on Lantern Making for the school celebration today.

Jo gave the idea of making a pomelo bear lantern (Click on "Pomelo Bear lantern" to play the video). I am super lazy and I want to make sure that Xav is involved too ! Hence, decided to just draw and cut out stars all around the pomelo.

This is how it looks like when it's done !

For the start, dear dear and Xav traced the stars using my cookie cutters onto the pomelo.

*Laughs* I intentionally gave Xav a pink pen so that he cant mess up the tracings. =p Eventually, he got angry hahahaha because he can't see what hehas traced !

Then, we cut away the top and the bottom base of the pomelo and remove the flesh.

Then, dear dear cut out the stars.

While Xav helped to dry the pomelo by blowing it with my hair dryer ! He's so happy to get involved !

Before the school holidays, we had a Raya- Lantern Party @ my place. We had potluck and each contributed food stuff related to the festive season ! We had nasi lemak party !

After the dinner, we went down to the pavilion for our lantern walk instead of the roof garden as it was drizzling.

Here's the wonderful 3 year old toddlers, sitting in a row to have the group pic taken !

The super happy XAv, wishing all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

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