Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pinnochio Holiday Workshop

During the June holidays, Xav went for his first drop off workshop at Act 3 !
Thought that the theme was pretty fun as they could learn to act out partial of the story lines of Pinnochio. It's really fun to go for classes with a group of friends !

Taken during one of the teabreaks.

The future stars rehearsing on the stage of their own !

Day 5: Finale

And they acted to be sleeping and this was the segment that Xav looks so real ! He was typically lying motionless and relax, no movement at all ! The director of the school, Ms Ruby, actually spotted him at this segment and told me that he did well here !

The kids played several roles. From a child, they became donkeys ! And this was when the donkeys were made to practise walking on the balacing rope.

They even transformed into sharkies !

Each student were presented a certificate of completion of the workshop @ the end of the performance. Good job kids and teachers ! They have staged up a fabulous performance !
One pic taken with Teacher Priya after the performance ! She's a really nice teacher !

And one with the staff of the school who talked to Xav every time he sees him ! haaaha ! Nice chap !

Looking forward to new workshops in december to fill the holidays !

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