Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Ocean Tale - The Rainbow Fish

A simple story but full of fun and a morale behind it ! An Ocean tale - The Rainbow Fish !

Minus the 1/3 of screaming and screeching during the play and the not so good sound system, I think this play delivered the moral in the play well ! It's about how the rainbow fish shared its scales eventually and got itself many friends !

This has message has been successfully been conveyed to Xavier as each time, he doesn't want to share, I will ask him if he wants many friends like the rainbow fish or he would like to be alone with no friends. He will tell me "yes, I want friends like the rainbow fish. The rainbow fish shares ... " and on National Day itself, he willingly though still having a little reluctance, shared his favourite green car wih Edna !

How proud am I to see that my lil' friend here is learning how to share despite how much he likes the car !

Before this play, I brought him to watch "Rocky, the baby Panda"

and I was thinking if Esplanade Playtime is getting too childish for him as I find the plays pretty simple and silly at times. Probably next year, he shall graduate from Playtime and more musical theatres shall he be expose to !

Here's the lost frog who has also watched "Todd, the big green frog"

One of the very nice musical plays was "Under the Baobab Tree"

One of the plays that Xav got emotional and cried when the crocodile caught the baby ostrich ! He was shouting and crying "No ! No ! Dont catch the baby ostrich, don't bite the baby ostrich ! " He sort of empathised the characters.

The next Playtime coming up is "What a noisy Zoo " and we have purchased tickets for "Mickey's Music Festival" !

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