Friday, July 22, 2011

My little astronomer

Ask Xav about planets ! Yes ! He will name you the 8 planets or 9 if Pluto is included, in their sequence !

Just realise that he is super interested in planets after I borrowed a book from NLB on " What is the moon " and one of the science book I bought for him, "What is in the sky"

He learnt all the planets including basic facts on their characteristic of each individual planet. Or make him guess which planet is which by giving some descriptions and he will tell you which is which !

The liking in planets spurred him on ! He hardly likes to colour but this time round, not only he coloured them and he even attempted to draw the solar system !

First, I drew a sun for him then he told me he wanted to draw the orbits first !

Minus the sun, he drew the entire solar system himself and he is so proud of his work !

I even asked him hwo to draw the craters in Mercury planet. He replied "Dots dots can be the craters ! "

and certainly I didn't forget to make some kits to reinforce his learning ! Space words as well as Spelling cards

Planets sequencing cards

and his new solar system puzzle ! Its a 60 pieces giant floor puzzle ! Yes, he loves it to bits !

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