Friday, May 27, 2011

Parrrrty Month !!!

An overdue post from April.

It's party month of March and April ! Party month normally kick off from mid march all the way to end of April ! It's like a marathon ! Attending almost a party a week ! Cool heh !

For the year 2011, bashes for the little party goers as follows:
The list starts here :
1. Issac's party @ Polliwogs

2. Summer's Build-a-Bear ( On MC )
3. Dana's Party @ Once upon a milkshake (On MC )
4. Elliot's Party @ Chewys' Residence (Mummy attended)

5. Dominic's @ SOL Cafe (Mummy attended)

6. XiangXiang's " Blast off " @ Compassvale Link

7. Julian's Toy Story Theme Bash @ Beary Fun Gym

With the most amazing cake oozing with creativity to end the bash for April. The cake actually can emit smoke from it's engine ! And not forgetting indulging in the company of great friends !

8. Rayden's Party @ Timezone Arcade

Though hectic to attend every week but it was fun to catch up during the parties and have fun !

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