Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Xav @ 35 months

Less than a month to go into his Terrific 3s !

Yes !! He's turning 3 soon and soon formal schooling will come by although most of his friends have started attending schools while he is still stuck with me at home ! Best part was, there isn't any enrichment classes for him at the moment ! Meaning, he's idling ?! hahaha .. Well, this is where, homeschooling comes in and plays a part.

This boy can be full of ideas at times ! Just yesterday, he woke from his nap, came into my room, saw me napping and he goes "Hello, hello , ni2 hao3 " ...

I replied him and continued to sleep. Guess what he did to make me wake ? He went to pull up the blind and brighten up the room !!! So I got no choice but to wake right ! Lil' rascal !!!

Speech wise, Xav is still blabbering !!! Though he can hold simple conversations with me.

These are the few scenarios :

Scenario 1 (Rainy weather)

Xav : mummy, I want to go out ...
Me : but it's raining Xav ...
Xav : I can wear rainboots and raincoat !
Me : but it's really too heavy to go out ... After it stopped ok ?
Xav : ...... (defeated) hahahaha

Scenario 2 (Shower time) :

Xav : bathe and go out ...
Me : but mummy needs to buy vegetables and cook lunch. Where would you like to go ?
Xav : Go NTUC !

Good one Xav ! At least you know where to buy vegetables !

He started to ask questions like:
- what is this ? (in mandarin too)
- whose picture is that ?
- where is daddy ?
- are you sure ?

Am waiting for him to ask me "why" hahhahhaha ....

And he knows where the swimming pool and the fish pond is ! He will tell me "mummy, go Farmway (The nearest lrt station). He loves water for sure ! But normally I will only go swimming when the daddy is around, else I'll bring him to feed fishes when am alone.

Just recently, we brought him to NEX where there is this water park.

Other than that, he is doing good in learning mandarin @ home.

He's currently reciting "San1 Zi4 Jing1" with me and he loves it ! Every now and then, he will just recite to me whenever he feels like it. As for me, I'm learning too together with him. I need to remember and know what they mean before I can recite without the book with him and explain the meaning of each phrase when he is able to apprehend.

I'm trying to teach him the basic strokes though.

As for English, he started to get interested in learning to spell words ! He kept asking me "how do you spell ... "

and apart from being able to spell his name "XAVIER CHUA", he learnt his first 3 spellings ! He could spell ZERO, ONE & TWO !

This lil' boy here I would say he is ehem ... over friendly ... ? It's good to be sociable but I feel that it's kind of dangerous to be so friendly to strangers !

Xav most of the time will greet guests who came to our house "ni2 hao4". He does this too sometimes when I bring him down to the void deck, he will greet people who walked by and really amused them !

I brought him to the park one afternoon and he saw this group of students sitting on the ground and he went to join them happily ! He made the jie-jies so happy with his cheerful personality !

And guess what ... when they started to leave, Xav held onto their hands and refused them to leave and started crying ! Wanting them to play with him ! Tell me what to do with this boy ! And he can tell me "bye bye mummy" and hold onto their hands !

I hope he could be like this when the term starts for his school on the 21st March ! Wish that there won't be any separation anxiety and happily embark on his new learning journey !

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