Monday, February 28, 2011

Button Me Up !!

Check out these cute lil' button me up !

Specially handmade for Xavier some time back to let him play matching and exercise his eye hand coordination as well as to train his fine motor skills.

I didn't really want to open up for orders as they were pretty time consuming to cut out !

Until, yesterday I received a requested order. Time to get my hands busy ! For those who got the learning kits, hope your lil' ones had benefited and enjoyed it !

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Paper Magic

Try this with a white crayon !

Use a white crayon and draw the pictures you wanted on a black piece of drawing paper.

Afterwich, paint over the picutures and you'll see the pictures "magically" appear ! Kids will love this !

Xav had a fun time discovering the pictures !

Bambino LUK Early Learning Series

My latest investment for Xav's home learning. A complete set of Bambino LÜK early learning series which reinforces early childhood developmental skills:
- Visual perception
- concentration
- critical thinking
- beginning math
- fine motor skills
- eye hand coordination
- self esteem
- everyday knowledge

It's a total of 15 books in a set with a controller.

Saw this at United Square in one of the shops that sells Brain Training kits and it costs a dear $300 plus for a set. Hence, found this on Amazaon and it was much cheaper than it is sold here.

Hope I will be discipline enough to spend some time everyday to go through the learning journey with him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Valentines' 2011 !

A little sweet surprise this year as I was expecting deardear not to "celebrate".
The conversation goes :

dear: V day coming soon ...
me: yah I know but you don't celebrate one what ...
dear: yah lor, I don't celebrate V day one ...

On 14.02.2011 evening, after our dinner, I came out from shower and went back to the tv screen. Suddenly, deardear came out from the kitchen with a mini heart shaped chocolate ice-cream cake from Swensens !

I was like "wow ... how come got cake ? "

dear: Today is Valentines' Day and I expect you'll be out but who knows you're at home !
me : of cos at home lah, cos you told me you don't celebrate ! (Heart was filled with sweetness of course) and the two of us gobble down the cake together despite my nasty, bad cough !

Thank you dear for the lil' sweet treat surprise =)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Bunny Year !!

Here's wishing all of you a Happy, Prosperous Bunny Year !

This year seems busier than the last ! With much more dinner gathering catching up with ex colleagues and schoolmates !

Plus I have been coughing my lungs out for the past 3 weeks ! Nasty bug ! and had to take antibiotics to curb it. This has stopped me from cooking and washing as it was pretty tiring. And with all the dinners and gatherings gave me another reason not to cook.

Coming back to CNY 2011, we had our family pic taken before we went out for house visiting !

Celebrating my father-in-law's 67th Birthday

and joined in the gathering with my poly cca mates @ Ryan's place after that.

With my poly classmates from SMA @ Canto Wok

Dinner @ Canto Wok with my kakis from Orchard NPC. Deardear was asking me if I want to become Canto Wok's member hahahaha but seriously their food is really nice !

With deardear sec school budds @ our place

The second Lou Hei for April 2008 mummies @ Sakae - Holland V

Had this funfair opposite Compasspoint. Brought lil' Xav over for some rides.

Made me felt that my baby has grown ! He is all ready to take the rides by himself and he was sure enjoying them !

In a flash, 15 days of CNY were over ! Back to reality now and gonna start sourcning for a class for Xavier as I guessed he is gettign bored at home ! He keeps telling me that he wants to go to school !

Looks like I better start doing my work !
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