Monday, January 3, 2011

X'mas Cake Making Workshop

2010 Christmas I would say its something different ! Because I learnt to make my own logcake with my group of baking kakis !

It was a private class with the 5 of us learning two hands on recipe with Chef Amy.

We learnt Strawberry shortcake, which was my all time favourite

The interior of the shortcake

and Passion Chocolate Bananaia Logcake ! The combination of the two is really yummy and am kind of hook on just making the passion fruit swiss roll ! It's easier than making cupcakes !

We're so delighted to have Lil' Dana joining us @ the end of the class to help in savouring the cakes ! =)

And my lucky group of friends who were at my place on the same day, in the evening got to taste these two wonderful cakes !

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