Monday, January 3, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

This is another post which has been lagging behind for the longest time !

The first outing we had for the month of November 2010 - Universal Studios Singapore !

Love their child swap program ! This really benefits parties like us with a small child. This allow the first partner to queue and go for the ride and swap with the other partner thereafter without having the second partner to requeue for the ride. They can just utilise the ecxpress lane ! Cool isn't !

While waiting for daddy, we waited around the vicinity of Hollywood Blvd.

First stop, we visited the Madagascar ! A crate adventure was not ready yet when we went.

Went to King Julien's Beach Merry-Go-round for our first ride. Being first time on the carousal, Xav was a little frightened initially. But after that he was enjoying himself !

Next, we went to Far Far Away

where the Shrek 4D Adventure was. A really nice show but Xav was afraid of the dark. But we still managed to sit through the show though.

Moving on to the Lost World to catch the performance @ Water World.

This is where you'll get to watch death-defying feats, awesome explosions and ocean of thrills as giant balls explode in the air and a seaplane swoops towards you, skidding across the water to crash explosively just inches away in the finale.

The hosts preparing to "warm up" the audience with their splashing and squirts !

Deardear was drawn into their world !

Lunch was next @ Discovery Food Court !

Thumbs up !

Next destination was Ancient Egypt.

We went to queue for the Treasure Hunters

, which took about 30 mins before we hop on for a ride.

This was how crowded it was !

Entertaining young master Chua during the queue.

And alas !!! Our turn !

One quick self pic !

Revenge of the mummy was a mini coastal ride. My heart almost popped out as I have not been taking this kind of rides for more than a decade ! Plus, I went in alone without deardear ... no hands to grab hahahaha

We walked around taking turns to go for rides when lil' Xavier was asleep.

I went to "New York" vicinity and went into the Lights, Camera, Action, hosted by Steven Spielberg, where an empty sound stage becomes the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City - right before my eyes !

@ The Brown Derby where they have the fun, silly and crazy hats and accessories for the young and the young at hearts !

Went back to Madagascar but too bad Xav was napping. So here we are without him in the pic.

Climb onboard a junior roller coaster ride @ Enchanted Airways.

Spot me in the pic !

Bought a tall and cool bottle drink !

Here's the waking of Xav transformed Shrek !
@ The Magic Potion Spin when deardear went for his Canopy Flyer and caught us in time before it's our turn for the ride.

Eeeeeyore ... Here's Xav with donkey !

and he loves the bottle so much that he walked and drank at the same time !

My turn for the canopy flyer ! Feels so shiok that I don't need to queue for the ride ! It's a long 45 - 60 mins queue !

We managed to catch the last screening of Donkey performed "Live".

Next stop was to Jurassic Park, Rapids Adventure ! A thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats. The last part was where I was drenched despite donning on the "protection" !

After dinner, we went to catch the last ride on the carousal @ King Julien's

We shopped along Hollywood Boulevard, making that as our last stop before we end our trip !

Hope to come back again the next time with the opening of other rides which were not ready when we came !

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