Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shane's 1st Birthday Bash !

It's still a 2010 post ! =P

Birthday boy, Shane, held his 1st Birthday bash @ Riders Cafe ! Highlight of the great party was it comes along with pony rides for the lil' guests !

Xav was indeed lucky to get the first ride without having to queue and guess what ... Each turn was 2 rounds and he had his 1st four rounds, cos we arrived there pretty early and he was " "addicted" to the ride !

I was really surprised that my brave little boy did not even protest when I didnt went with him, he gladly allowed the uncle to carry him up the pony and off he went !

Look @ how he enjoyed !

Still reluctant to remove his helmet !
Here's the birthday boy, Shane and mummy.

The beautiful cake for the pony theme party ! Happy Birthday, Shane ! May you be bless with good health, intelligence and happiness !

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