Thursday, December 8, 2011

School "Out" - 16 Nov - 31 Dec 2011

It's school "out" ! Been feeling pretty bad, not being able to take leave for this school holiday cos I have no more balance leave ! This is the period where I really feel like just not working and get fully engaged with him !

6 Weeks of school holiday basically I try to make sure at least once a week he gets to get out of the house and have some hands on.

Week 1 :

1. He continues on with Mindchamps till the end of November.
2. We went for Wowart Open House and he was simply enjoying himself to the max. Being his first visit to the school, he has no anxiety at all when I told him that I have to leave him with the teacher and go over to next door to attend a briefing. He acknowledged and I went back after the session to see a happy Xavier, spontaneously working on his project happily !

This was his completed project; Christmas Wreath

Week 2 : Started his holiday programs at Wowart. Did his clayframe making (I have yet to see the final product though) and did his Batik Painting. Thanks Jas for the pics !

Week 3 : Have signed him up for "Lights, Camera, Action" @ Zoophonics ! No problem with leaving him there as he has on and off asking me to bring him back to the school. He remembers that he used to attend classes there and the teachers remember him too ! Feedback given to
Don were very positive !

Week 4 - Week 5 : He shall continue with the weekly holiday workshops with Wowart. I may consider signing him up for term lessons in Jan 2012.

Apart from holiday workshops, as usual he has his fair share of going for Meet and Greet sessions in the malls. His latest craze was Hi-5 after Toybox Singapore. Yes even the daddy joined in and got "high". Imagine dear waited for the crowd to clear, went up to the cast manager and requested for Hi-5 cast to pen their signatures on the photograph !

He went to catch Chugginton @ Marina Square too !

Angry Bird @ Taka and of course now awaiting his favourite "Thomas and the fat controller" from 14 Dec onwards.

Next Friday will be bringing him to Babies Prom 2011 ! Hope he appreciates better this year !

Last two weeks of Dec going to be a busy one ! With two wedding dinners, two gatherings @ our place and several other meet up with dear's friends and mine as well !

Looking forward to the boys' Christmas shoot this weekend !!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Standard Chartered Marathon 2011

This year, Xav participated in a world class marathon together with daddy. Daddy went for his 42km while Xav went for his 750m fun dash under my accompany.

The lil' marathoners !

Ready to start !!

He's all ready !!!!

He ran and ran non stop !

Though I saw that he was tired but he didnt give up nor ask me to carry him ! I spurred him on telling him he was doing great ! On and off I encouraged him by holding his hand and ran together ! He was thrilled that I told him that he is going to reach the finishing line !

He gave the supporters who were cheering by the sides a "Five" when he ran past them !

My champs who completed their 42km and 750m dash !

See how he negotiated for more 100 plus after the run.

They are trying to tell you, if they can do it, so can you ! Am proud of them to have completed the run ! Looking forward to the next SCM in 2012 !!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cold Storage Kids Run '11

A superlong overdued post and finally I'm getting done with it after almost 5 months ! That's how busy I can be when I need to work and spend time with Xav after I knocked off ! But life pretty fulfilling when I get to meet up with friends for meals more often now that with a presence of a helper.

Back to the post, this is Xav's first race ever !

A 800m fun race (equivalent to 2 rounds of a stadium) and this sunshine, sporty little lad, totally loves it !

We were there pretty early and we got involved in "catching" mascots for photo takings, taking part in mini obstacles course.

This is the Mamil Boy !

Totally enjoying his race !

Reaching the finishing point !

Everyone is a CHAMPION ! And he got his 1st medal !

Met up with the Ongs after the run ! One with Owen !

And found the Chewys too !

Our next run will be on this sunday ! Standard Chartered Run 2011 ! Looking forward !!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 1st Fluffy bread making class !

Weeks back, attended a fluffy bread making class from Uptownsweets conducted by Joys.

Pretty interesting class, loaded with theories, hands on and lots of laughter !

I learnt to mix the dough by two techniques, either by machine or by hand. So those of you who don't have a bread machine, this class is good for you !

I learnt how to prepare the really heavenly tasty vanilla pastry cream too !

These are the sweet buns. They tasted real good with the blueberries Jam !

Oreo Bun ! Hot favourite when I brought it home ! Xav even gave me a thumbs up !

The round and pretty Egg mayo pizza !

I even brought my home made Hay Bee Hiam for the fillings =p

Sausage Buns

This is what we have learnt and produce from the class !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baked Fillet with BBQ sauce

Last friday, I attended my department bbq event. Was quite surprised with some of the food prepared by the male colleagues ! Some made satay, some marinated fillets and my boss cooked her highly sought after by all - curry chicken !

Got to know the recipe for the fillets, so I went back to try.

Ingredients used for marination are as follow :

1. orange juice
2. apple vinegar
3. lemon juice
4. a dash of salt

Instead of BBQ-ing it, I tried to bake it. Afterwich, I spread some bbq sauce on both sides of fillets and continue to bake till cooked. It could have taste better if I did not over baked it as it tends to be a little dry. But on the whole it tasted pretty good with the sauce and salad.

One of the easiest and time saving dish !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Da:ns Festival 2011 - Footwork Twinkle Toes

It's time to groove ! Together with some friends, we registered for a hiphop dance workshop "Baby Pop" @ Esplanade. Xavier enjoyed himself to the max! It was a great opportunity to bond with him but unfortunately, at the beginning of the class, I actually injured my lower back nerves and have to lie down with an ice pack to relieve the intense pain. But I realised, for the first time, Xav did not mind that I am not with him and was happily grooving to the music with his other friends !

Here's the fun loving instructors !

I asked Xavier at the end of the workshop if he loved the class, he replied YES !

I have checked with them that currently they dont have a class for 3 year old kids. But should we are able to form a group to start a class, we can email them. So should if any of you are interested, can drop me a mail ya ! We can form our own private class !

To call it a day, we went to lunch at Thai Express. And the little boy got his once in a while treat ! Lollipop ! It's a lollipop day !

Monday, September 12, 2011

School Holiday Assignment - Lantern Making

Xav has been tasked with a school holiday assignment on Lantern Making for the school celebration today.

Jo gave the idea of making a pomelo bear lantern (Click on "Pomelo Bear lantern" to play the video). I am super lazy and I want to make sure that Xav is involved too ! Hence, decided to just draw and cut out stars all around the pomelo.

This is how it looks like when it's done !

For the start, dear dear and Xav traced the stars using my cookie cutters onto the pomelo.

*Laughs* I intentionally gave Xav a pink pen so that he cant mess up the tracings. =p Eventually, he got angry hahahaha because he can't see what hehas traced !

Then, we cut away the top and the bottom base of the pomelo and remove the flesh.

Then, dear dear cut out the stars.

While Xav helped to dry the pomelo by blowing it with my hair dryer ! He's so happy to get involved !

Before the school holidays, we had a Raya- Lantern Party @ my place. We had potluck and each contributed food stuff related to the festive season ! We had nasi lemak party !

After the dinner, we went down to the pavilion for our lantern walk instead of the roof garden as it was drizzling.

Here's the wonderful 3 year old toddlers, sitting in a row to have the group pic taken !

The super happy XAv, wishing all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Art Garden @ Singapore Art Museum

Interactive Comtemporary Art for Children from 3 June 2011 to 30 August 2011. Bring the lil' ones there if you have not done so ! There is one huge colossal bunny, Walter, extending you its warmest welcome right at the entrance of the musuem.

We started visiting the Fruit Market first and created our paper banana ! You can keep it as a souvenir or exchange it for a real fruit.

Superhigh - Play with colours and shapes in this toddler's playroom installation, inspired by the magical, mystical qualities of the rainbow that reflec hope and happiness.

Mummy Dearest - In a fantasy candy-coloured world of giant dolls, complete with a wardrobe of clothes, shoes and an enormous three tiered cake. The children can help dress up the dolls and decorate a cake !

Go ! - Climb onto this giant installation and form a huge picture using colour discs after you have planned it out.

To be continued .......
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