Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Gingerbread Boy !

Been a busy month for december !! Which explained the lack of posts !! Imagine how many backlogs I have been accumulating since Nov !!

First week of December - A bulk purchase done with our sales of Bibs and socks !
Second week of December - My retreat to Phuket without my men !
Third week of December - Baking my christmas cookies order which is gonna be on this post.
Fourth week of December - Parrrty time !! Looking forward to the mass party !!

Coming back, this was what I came up with for Sherry. I suggested to her to have pinky stars for the girls while the guys can have the gingerbread man.

Made half a dozen of blue ones and came up with this pink gingerbread gal with the stars imprint on it. I kind of like this as it stood out from the rest.

This was the blue gingerbread man. Each and every piece are personalized with the receiver's name ! Was so happy that Sherry likes them so much !

Slots are open for 2011 should you want to get any to include in the kids party pack ! Email me or drop me a tag at the cbox !

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