Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Babies Prom 2010

Realised that I am back dating all the plays and performances I brought Xav to !

Been a busy month for the month of Nov and gonna be a busy one for Dec too !

Just brought Xav to Babies Prom 2010, conducted by Peter Moore, who is a Basson player and it's presented together with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO).

Great thanks to Lifeng who helped me got her friend to help us get the tickets ! Best of all was, it was the first four rows from the front !

Xav doesn't seems to like it as he took quite some time to settle down. The moment we stepped into the concert hall, he was urging me to go out !!!

Near to the end of the concert, the kids were allowed to go up to the stage and mingle around with the musicians, but parents are strongly encourage not to go up as the stage has a weight limit.

Initially Xav was alright without me. Suddenly I heard his cries and saw one of the ursherers carrying him back to look for me !

He wanted me to go up onto the stage with him. Luckily, when everything was over, the staff allowed me to go up with him while the musicians were still on the stage. How happy he was when he managed to touch and feel the violin and cello !

After the concert, managed to catch Owie and mama for a pic !

Looking forward to Babies Prom 2011 !

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