Thursday, November 4, 2010

Xav @ 30 months

My backlogs are piling !!! Been sick and pretty busy with the recent orders. Hence, the time to blog has cut down !

An update on Xav's development !

Exactly half a year more before he turns 3 !

Becoming more and more curious and more and more naughty but on the other hand, more and more lovable at times !

He is kind of starting to go into imagine play! He sees me wearing a mask when I had flu, he came to me and said " mummy, sick sick" and follow by, he will come to me with his sethescope and start to "check" my lungs and heart !

Then, went to take his syringe and tell me "mummy, eat medicine" ! So I will just play along with him !

He got a shopping trolley lately from my sil.

Xav will pretend to go shopping and put everything into his trolley !! I made use of the chance to get him to "buy" the things that are all over the floor, to help to clear the mess !

And here he is pretending to drink after buying a bottle of soft drink.

Arranging the items neatly in the shelf

Next, he becomes a builder ! All the sawing and hammering ! Now he differentiates what is a saw, a plier and a hammer.

And probably one of his dreams, a singer ? He pretty much likes to sing ! He is now learning one of the oldies "Oh Carol" from me and seriously I didn't know where did he learn from, he just took his markers and pretended that they are the mics ! It's quite entertaining to see him perform ! Probably I shall just dig out my chord sheet and learn to play this song and sing together with him !

Last but not least a model ?! Got some tops for him and he is all ready to try on for me to see if they fits him and even pose for me ! Shirt 1 :

Shirt 2 :

Lol lying down pose !

So much about play, his language development. Yes, he talks more now although still blabbering at times. He speaks in short full sentences! Not only in English but in Mandarin too ! Am really happy that he is ever so willing to learn mandarin despite that we rarely speak to him !

I am using Book 1 of 四五快读

And these are the characters he could recognise and read from this book.

He started to form short sentences to describe things in mandarin. For instance, if he sees:

1. A yellow car
He will tell me "黄色的汽车"

2. Blue taxi - "蓝色的德士

3. Red flower - "红色的花"

And he can count from 1-20 in mandarin. Looks like he is learning the two languages pretty well.

As for numerals counting in English, he counts from 1-60 now ! Sometimes with minimal help, he counts to 100 while we made our way to the train station. He needs a little help at the tens part (70, 80, 90 )

He is forming more sentences now to express his needs or wants. He tells me "Xavier is thirsty, I want to drink water"

On one occasion, I asked him to wear his shoes ( forgetting that I didn't bring it in). I was surprised when I heard him telling me in one full sentence "my shoe is missing" ! So he is starting to link words up to form basic sentences !

The use of "and" ! He uses this pretty well ! He will count from (1-10) 1.... 9 AND 10.

I guess he knows how to use "and" between the last two objects.

He knows his A-Z in both upper and lower case, as well as the sound made by each letter !

Looks like zoophonics coupled with leapfrog letter factory works pretty well !

And he starts to "lecture" me !! Hahahaha ... I was surprise when I was working on my orders with my stuff lying all over the floor and he came over and tell me "SO MESSY" ! Must have learnt from me when I always told him off that he is always messing up the place with his toys !

And he is all set to tell people after saying bye ... "see you again" !

Scoot away !! We got this for him

And he is getting the hang of it ! Sometimes, we brought him to the park and sometimes I will just allow him to play along the corridor !

Less than half a year to turn 3 !! Time flies ! And probably it's time to plan for his party !!!

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