Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toy Box Play - Bigger Better & Live !

The 4th edition of TOYBOX's year end show ! It's open to the public for the very first time ! We really enjoy their songs featuring from their debut album. Great company with Edna and Jo, both cousins really enjoyed themselves. Great thanks to Jillian for the tickets !

It's casted by Reuben Tupaz & Mark De Silva with the beautiful stage backdrop put up by Art Boot Camp !

After bring Xav to The Babies Prom 2010, The magic Island as well as the Sesame street, I concluded that Xav enjoyed himself most at this play! He was like immersing himself into their play as he followed and danced to the catchy tunes together with Edna !

Though the place is abit secluded for me who is not driving, but I wouldn't mind bringing him there again for their next show !

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