Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toy Box Play - Bigger Better & Live !

The 4th edition of TOYBOX's year end show ! It's open to the public for the very first time ! We really enjoy their songs featuring from their debut album. Great company with Edna and Jo, both cousins really enjoyed themselves. Great thanks to Jillian for the tickets !

It's casted by Reuben Tupaz & Mark De Silva with the beautiful stage backdrop put up by Art Boot Camp !

After bring Xav to The Babies Prom 2010, The magic Island as well as the Sesame street, I concluded that Xav enjoyed himself most at this play! He was like immersing himself into their play as he followed and danced to the catchy tunes together with Edna !

Though the place is abit secluded for me who is not driving, but I wouldn't mind bringing him there again for their next show !

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simply in Love with Thomas !

Thanks Jo for the early X'mas gift ! A pair of Thomas & Friends shoe ! And Xav simply goes gaga over it ! He wants this pair of shoes only after he gets them ! And he even pose for me to have his pics taken !

Xav: Thank you, yiyi ! I love 'em !!

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Morning walk @ The Swan Lake

A nice Monday morning to the Botanical Gardens with the Chias @ The Swan Lake, feeding the swans. We had an enjoyable morning !

We had arrived first and Xav mingled into the group of kids who were there on an excursion, and managed to get near to the swans. How excited he was !

He got his fair share of feeding the catfishes as well. The swans actually went into hiding when the sun came out. Sherin managed to bring us to another side of the lake where there were another 2 more swans hiding at the rear.

The kids had fun watching and feeding the swans. Lookig forward to more outings !

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Chinese word search

Sounds fun ?! I printed out the Chinese word search

for Book 1 of 四五快读 and got him to stamp on the words after he managed to find them.

I used a different stamper for a different word. For instance, I used a yellow star stamper for the word "一", Xav will be using the yellow stamper to stamp on all the "一" he finds.

Realised that it could be too difficult for Xav as there are too many words.

I covered the paper into half

And he is more confident looking for the word by himself. Else I would be getting this expression "where, where ?"

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Xav @ 31 months

Xav @ 31 months seems to start behaving better as he understands instructions better. But at times, he will still go against our instructions and do the opposite !

Sometimes, he gives in to Edna and sometimes not. He wants whatever she has ! He saw her minnie mouse head band and wore it on himself ! See the handsome minnie here !

He attempted to help Edna wear the band on her head ! He did it ! And meimei got her hair messed up !

Start of learning a new skill ! Chopsticks ! Luckily there is such a thing called training chopstick, otherwise I wouldn't know how to teach Xav to hold the chopstick in a correct way as I, myself , is holding it the wrong way.

Wanted to get Pororo for him. A much cheaper choice as compared to Thomas & Friends, who knows he saw the 2-in-1 Thomas pack ! He gave me back Pororo and told me "I don't like, I want Thomas!

And insisted on the pack with stage 1 & 2. Cost a bomb of $27 for two pairs of chopsticks !! Ex !!
But he had fun feeding himself with the chopsticks and finished the whole bowl of dish given to him by himself !

He can even pick up the bit size and dipped into the tomato sauce ! How he enjoyed !!

I'm sure he's looking forward to feed himself during meal times with his new chopsticks.

He recognises numbers and can read out to me to the 40s now.

New word he learnt at Zoophonics and understood that "Bee" in mandarin is 蜜蜂, butterfly is 蝴蝶, ant is 蚂蚁,

And he learnt how to join the dots for numbers and alphabets. He learnt this from the Iphone so I thought it's time to let him try on with a pencil on the paper !

As he goes joining, he will say for instance "after A is B, after D is E ". Surprisingly, he uses the word "after" himself ! So at times, I will randomly test him by jumping the alphabets and numbers, getting him to tell me the correct answer.

And now if you asked him the sounds made by different animals, he will make the sound made by that animal.

He knows these when asked ;

1. Cat - meow
2. Dog - woof woof
3. Frog - greebit
4. Cow - moo moo
5. Sheep - baa baa
6. Duck - quack quack
7. Horse - neigh neigh
8. Pig - oink oink

Recently his new favourite reads are "Super Duck, Doctor Ted and Jeeper creepers"

He attempted and can read the very first sentence " Sheep and frog are looking for goat" for Super duck ! Well done baby ! And it seems like he really likes it ! See the after effect of the story, he becomes Super Xavier !

I hope that Xav could continue to keep his interest going in reading !

I had even ordered a set of Bear Collection from The book people as his X'mas gift ! Am trying to hard to stop myself from giving him the books !! Can X'mas come earlier so that this little reader can get his gift ???

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

When you wish upon a star ...

I named them "when you wish upon a star". Made this for Sonia's 1st birthday to go with her "Touch of Pink" theme party.

Thank you Vanessa for having so much confidence in me. I'm honoured !

I did a trial bake with one butter cookie recipe I found online. Not too bad for the taste but the dough is pretty hard to handle. I got to add more flour to make it more managable. I used the dough to make some Disney cookies as well as some animal cookies.

Welcome Pooh Bear !

Welcome Mickey !

Welcome Minnie !

And welcome the cute little animals, cut out with the cookie cutters from Angie. Thanks for the cutters !

Xav had his fair share of fun helping me with the bakes ! He helped me to imprint the names on the cookie dough.

Thanks Jo for the early X'mas gift too !

The really mini pieces ! Great kit to personalize ur cookies or fondant !

For actual bake, I used the recipe which Angie enclosed in the box of cutters.

Used Wilton colouring paste "Red rose" to mix with the ready rolled white fondant to get this pink.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hands on Cheese Cake Baking Class

Yippeeee !! It's NY marble cheese cake and Japanese cotton cheese cake hands on Baking Class !

Another session organized by Thai Express for their members. Thank you Angie for registering me. Really benefited from these classes.

First, we were taught the marble cheesecake.

Laying the base

Whisking the batter

Chef Amy showing what is soft peak.

The final product ! Chilled before you consume !

Next is the Japanese Cotton cheesecake !

We were taught how to line the parchment paper properly in the tin.

Baked with the oven door slightly ajar

And there you go ! Fresh from the oven ! Really cottony soft !

Ready to eat !

Looking forward for more class by Chef Amy !

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 - Lesson 9, 10, 11 & 12

I had a one week break ! Daddy was on leave so he accompanied Xav for his classes for this week.

Not sure of what they really covered. But I saw a butterfly craft and a policeman craft.

Lesson 11 -

A rainy Tuesday ! Xav was decked out in his boots and his chic & cheap raincoat from Daiso ! How happy he was ! I always loved his smiles !!

Chinese class taught them dragonfly (蜻蜓). They did a jigsaw puzzle and

A pasting craft.

English class covered Fire Truck

Craft for the day

Went to Somerset to deliver some of my orders and upon reaching, there was a slight drizzle ! And Xav is the happiest ! Because the raincoat can be worn again !

Lesson 12 was also a super duper late day for class !

Giving Elizabeth his sweetest hug !

They were introduced to ants ( 蚂蚁).

English class is still on community workers - Fireman

They did a dress up on fireman

And did a helmet craft to end the class.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Flip Mino HD

This sleek and cool, Flip Mino HD, can capture high quality HD videos !

Why is it cool ? Cause we can:

1. Record ( Just press the red button) and when you finish,

2. Connect ( Using the flip out USB plug straight into the PC or Mac. It's FUSS FREE, no cable, no memory card as it has a 4GB of built in memory) and

3. Share the videos in just a click ! ( The Flipshare software automatically installs the first time you used it which then allows you to email your video as a simple link or an MP4 file, plus you can upload it into the Net, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more ! )

More bonuses !! You can edit clips, create greeting cards and movies, add a soundtrack and even capture a snapshot from the clip !

I can't wait to start using it ! This would make great x'mas gifts especially for mummies and daddies who would like to capture those special moments you would never want to miss !

Available in three models:
1. Flip MinoHD (2 hours) - 8 GB of internal memory

2. Flip MinoHD (1 hour) - 4 GB of internal memory

3. Flip Ultra HD (2 hours) - 8 GB of internal memory, it's rechargable or AAA battery powered !

Where to get them:
1. Best Denki (Parkway Parade, Junction 8, Vivocity, Ngee Ann City and Great World City)

2. Juzz1 ( Esplanade Xchange & Funan IT Mall)

3. Parisik

4. South Asia Computer (Funan IT mall)

5. Sprint Cass at T1 & T2

6. Dufry @ T3

7. Tangs Orchard Techno Bay

Readers who are interested in this product, please feel free to drop me your email address so that I can pass to the relevant person to tell you more about it !

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