Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 ~ Lesson 6 & 7

Lesson 6 taught them to differentiate which is 白云 and 乌云.

They were given an activity to look for the raincoats and umbrellas to stick onto the picture of thunderstorm.

And Xav did his umbrella craft.

Stick on some circles while the paint is wet for deco and add a straw as a handle !

English class covered "parcel".

They are supposed to hand the parcel collection slip to Teacher LJ to collect their parcel.

Waiting to collect his.

And they did a postcard for the activity. Pasting on the stamp,

Receiver: Justin

And did a colouring behind.

Lesson 7

Today, the teacher went through 晴天 and 雨天 and the activities we can do on a sunny day !

It's the kids favourite ! 冰淇淋 !

He's sure happy ! Even when it's just pretending to lick the ice cream !

English class taught them - Doctor and the equipments that are used by doctors.

Did a shadow matching game

And they are to choose the equipment used by doctor from the mixture of the equipment used by Police officer.

Last but not least a cute little doctor craft !

And he held the ice cream cone all the way home !

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