Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 Lesson 5

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mister golden sun. Please shine down on me...

The Chinese class taught them 太阳, 阳光, 月亮 and 星星.

Had an actitivity of placing the sun and moon according to day and night.

Did a craft work on Mr. Sun !

Community workers is the new theme. They were taught postman in today's lesson.

Sorting and putting in papers into envelop according to their sizes.

Not an easy task for them !

And did their very own mail bag and their own letter to send out with a fake stamp of course. One thing I don't like is to show the kids things that are fake. I prefer to show them the real thing !

Making his own mail bag.

Trying to thread in the strand of yarn.

Complete !

And he ran off with his mail bag !

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