Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 Lesson 2 (Make up )

Make up class for lesson 2 which Xav missed on last Thursday for his mild fever. Thank god, he recovered after one day. Guess his immunity is stronger now.

The teacher went through 树,花 &草 during the mandarin class.

They did hand and finger painting for the craft. Can u imagine at the table of 6 kids, Xav is the only one who is willing to touch the paint ! Not only on his fingers but he allowed me to paint on his palm ! Am proud of him in a way that he's always ready and willing to get "dirty" to get his work done. Not to mention the fact that he runs away at the sight of cotton balls or wool !

The independant him spreading the glue on his craft.

Strawberrry porky sticks for treats for being a good boy !

During the English class, they were introduced to Octopus as one of the sea creatures and how the other sea creatures protect themselves from their enemies !

Examples like, the puffer fish which will blow itself up, having spikes around it's round body.

Clown fish will camouflage itself among the anemones and the octopus will give out the black ink to cloud the water before escaping to it's dent.

They did shadow matching for the four different sea creatures. Pretty easy for him I guess as he did it all correctly at his fingertips !

They went around the class, gathering the tentacles and piece them up according to their shape and length to form an octopus.

Last but not least his octopus craft ! Gotta teach him to roll the strips of paper and glue them to form the tentacles.

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