Friday, October 8, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 Lesson 1

It's Term 4 and the programme is coming to an end in no time ! Am still considering if I should adjust Xav's routine or look for another school with morning classes for him.

Anyway, start of Term 4, they learnt about 花 (flowers) in the Chinese class.

We were pretty late for this class hence, no pics taken for that big, red flower.

They learnt about the sea and the things we can find at the sea. For instance, ship, seashells, sailboat, speedboat etc.

They played shadow matching game for the three types of transportation on water and I would say his observation skills on shapes is pretty good as he always got them right !

Another activity to allow them to walk around to look for seashells before sitting down to start on their sea and sailboat craft.

Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle ! Something which he learnt from Abrakadoodle last week.

A little treat from Teacher LJ with the cute lil' shapes of sea creatures.

After his class, we met up with Amy and Yanyan for lunch and some shopping !

Dear dear was telling me, Yanyan has grown up!

A train ride to reward for being good children ! *laughs*

We went to the playground after that and saw one inconsiderate parent, allowing his child to go into the playground without taking off his shoes !

Luckily Amy went up to him and told him that foot wear needs to be remove for hygiene purpose and saw that the child had mucous all over his nose !!!! If you child is sick, why be so inconsiderate and allow him to go to the playground and spread the virus to other kids !!

Without much delay, we immediately dragged the poor kids out of that place when they were just starting to have fun !! Sorry children, we just don't want you to get sick.

But seems like too late ! Amy was telling me that the princes started to have dry cough and was coughing the whole night !

As for Xav, he woke on a wednesday morning telling me "mummy, nose blocked" I was thinking that it could be allergies as mine was blocked too !

Today, he was warmer than usual and he was running a temperature !!! Drats ..... Hope it doesn't escalate into any cough or cold.. Virus please buzz off !!

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