Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steamboat time !

Held the ever first steamboat at our place for this group of friends.
We didn't intend to go for catering for our house warming as we find that going by different groups makes it easier to catch up rather than having a mass made of different groups.

I bought this for the stock as recommened by Jo.

And I made some wantons and fish paste for the steamboat.
Bought the ready made fishpaste
from Sheng Shiong, added minced parsley and chillies to it.

And I got a capable kitchen assistant ! He assisted me to peel all the 15 quail eggs while I was doing other preps !

He really sat through until he finished peeling everything ! Great job, Xav !

And by the end of the meal, I made Chocolate Lava cake for dessert. A little surprise for Cindy and Valent for their coming anniversary ! Hope this pair stays blissfully loving always !

This time round, I added two scoopes of Ben & Jerry vanilla ice cream to go with.

Happy Anniversary guys ! Catch up again !

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