Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our "Rusty" golden friendship !

Recently, got met up with some long time friends as long as 18 years ! Am so happy that we are still connected ! Thanks to Facebook heh !

It was on Eileen's big day that I met up with Huifen, we were once classmates for a year but she is one of my closer pal. Though we were busy with our own schedule, we were not distant ! Still the same old us ! The friendship of 15 years is still running !

And yes, before the dinner, we went for something which we love to do when we were students ! NEOPRINTS !

And next comes Josephine, the beautiful emcee for Eileen's dinner. Both of them were my primary school classmates ! A toast to this long 18 years of friendship.

We didn't forget each other and still clearly remember who each other were.

And I got a surprise from a friend request in FB. Yet another long lost friend found !

Keryn is also my primary school classmate. Was so so surprise that she managed to locate me ! It was really years back since we saw each other at the bus stop.

She invited us over to her place for a meet up while the boys played and had their fairshare of fighting over toys !

Thanks Keryn for having us over and we look forward to meeting up again !

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