Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Children's Day !

Good news for this children's day as I brought Xav back to Dr Yeo for review after his Art Class.

Conclusion was Xav's lungs are cleared and is stronger after the intake of singulair all these while as I told the doctor just two weeks ago, he had on and off cough and sometimes phlegmy. I didn't bring Xav to any doctors but just gave him Kaloba. Thank god, the cough just went away without escalating to a more serious condition like before.

And his two monthly review was extended to three monthly from now on.

Just to share for kids who are have cough and have sensitive airways.

There are two ways to improve their condition:
1. Boil millets and allow the kid to consume the fluid. This helps to prevent asthmatic and good for kids who are always coughing.

2. 川贝 powder
Give a little teaspoon of the powder and mix with a little water or you can just take the powder itself.

I tried on Xav, just once, his phlegm and cough went off.

I bought the sulphur free 川贝 which is of the better grade and got the staff at the medical hall to grind them into powder for me.

After the review, I brought Xav to SBG for lunch at the food court and at the same time we get to view the rainforest exhibition.

Met the Hans for dinner

before we went for some goceries shopping to prepare for steamboat the next evening.

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