Friday, October 8, 2010

Eric Carle Doodle

Today, Xav did "The very hungry caterpillar" after Teacher Jamie went through one of the familiar Eric Carle's book, The very hungry caterpillar.

And got Caden to join in the class for a trial today.

After the class, we went to Killiney Road for lunch and guess what, on top of his very own bowl of porridge, he ate almost 3/4 plate of my steam rice rolls and he loves the crunchy fresh prawns as he keeps telling me "prawn is nice" !

Brought him back to my former working place to pass some books and he got to saw the real policeman this time !

Shall see when they would have an open house or road shows on the vehicles used by the police, think he would be thrilled to ride in there just like the fire engines !

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