Friday, October 15, 2010

Early X'mas bakes !

Just went for the Christmas Cookies Decorating class with Angie and Pearl.

Something which I had always envy how people made them and I had always wanting to learn so that I can make them with Xav at home. And my wish came through !

Thank you to Angie who helped me to register for the class. Had a great time learning coupled with the great company !

The four hours, we learnt techniques like outlining with royal icing. Before that, we got to learn to fold the parchment paper. The end must be sharp enough !

I did it twice because the first round, I "dragged" the icing and as a result it was flattened. The rounded outline is to prevent overflowing when doing the flooding.

This is flooding using the thinned royal icing prepared using the 10 seconds rule.

Then, comes decorating with fondant !

We made a Christmas tree

an ice cream

a stocking

a snow flake

With the addition of shimmer dust

and a snowman as seen above.

My completed project !

Hope to be able to make some for this christmas this year !

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