Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brown bear Learning kit

Following up on Eric Carle's " Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see ?"

I made this shadow matching game for Xav. Can you imagine how well he knew the story ? By just looking at the shadows, he pointed to each and every animal and named me all correctly ! And this is including the colour of the animals as read in the book ! Well done, boy !

I realised he is pretty good in shadow matching, even when Hr is in school !

This is the shadow matching game.

Follow by, he learnt the colours, heads and tails from this activity below:

It can be played as a two piece puzzle as well.

Cheap and nice as compared to the puzzles as sold in the shops. I doubt I'll be getting him anymore puzzles as I bought one Kumon workbook " My first book of jigsaw puzzlel". That book should be able to sustain him for quite some time at the same time he has a box of A-Z puzzles too.

Third activity for this story is Learning shapes.

This is actually a mini flashcard booklet.

But I modified it myself in a way that Xav can play matching game with the shapes cut out from the picture. In way, u learn the words and shapes while playing with the matching game.

I used together with the table flipchart which Jo got for him and he learnt the shapes in mandarin from the chart. I made him read out the names of the shapes and put the corresponding cut out shapes onto the chart.

So far so good, he knows the following in mandarin:
Circle - 圆形
Triangel - 三角形
Oval - 椭圆形
Square - 正方形
Rectangle - 长方形
Heart - 心形
Star - 星形
Diamond - 菱形

Fourth activity:
Sorting the bears in ascending or descending orders. I have yet t start him on this though but just made for fun !

Last but not least will be the dot -a-dot page for the animals. Again , I allow him to use the stampers to train his fine motor skills.

Have fun making the kit ! All downloads can be get from HERE !

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