Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 ~ Lesson 20 & 21

Lesson 20 was introduced to 狮子 during the mandarin class.
Being a ferocious beast with long mane and King of the jungle (森林之王)

They did a mini craft of a lion using circles.

During the English class, they were introduced to "life in a pond" and were taught on what kind of animals or insects could be found in a pond as well as going through a life cycle of a frog.

They did an activity on shadow matching as well and Xav loves it. I have made him a set as well.

He was pretty excited when he knew that they were going to make a frog and goes around "gree-bit, gree-bit".

Working on his frog craft

Pretty cute ! Shall keep the frog in his Letter F learning kit.

Lesson 21 covered on 猴子 and their food.

They played a simple activity of placing the laminated monkeys onto the correct fruit which they eat. The teacher placed three different fruits on the floor and they are supposed to choose the correct one.

Followed by making a monkey mask !

This is not Xav hahaha but the classmate whom Xav loves to disturb by constantly going over to Yu Qi's mummy asking her to carry him, making Yu Qi jealous. Isn't Xav nottie ?!

During the English class, they were taught how the turtle reproduce and were given the sequence card.

Followed by shadow matching of the turtle body parts.

Then, a turtle craft.

His turtle doesn't have lines on it's shell but polka dots ! Special isn't hahaha..

Shall post the pic when we collect it next week.

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