Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 Lesson 18

Lesson 17 was missed as Xav was running fever.

Lesson 18 covered 大象 during the Chinese Class. The teacher explained the functions of their long trunk and the food the elephants ate.

They were given two coloured trunks to piece up with two different elephants with missing trunks.

And they did an elephant puppet ! Xav helped to apply glue while I help him to assemble.

Xav's Elly !

Singing along 大象 with the teacher.

English covered the different types of flowers and the equipment used in planting. For instance gloves, watering can etc.

And they were given a "basket" to go around the class to look for flowers and place them into their own basket

before emptying them into the teacher's basket.

And their craft was to arrange their own flowers in a vase !

The finished product !

And bubbles time before the class comes to an end.

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