Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 ~ Lesson 15 & 16

This is the project from Lesson 14.

Lesson 15 was taught 挖土机 during the Chinese class. And they did a jigsaw puzzle on it.

Followed by a colouring activity.

For the English class, they were read a story "Planting Rainbow". A pretty nice book ! I tried to borrow from the NLB but failed.

They were taught on the different parts of a plant and worked on an activity to put the plant in sequence, given the roots, stem, flower and leaf.

For the craft, they did finger painting. I guided him on the majority and for the very last one on his left, he wanted to do it himself.

I would say it was quite creative for him to dot on the line to form his own flower, made up of red and yellow. This is the completed piece. If you notice how his flower stands out from the rest?

Probably I shall frame and hang up with the other art piece from Abrakadoodle.

Lesson 16 covered 火箭

and we made the kids a rocket ! This craft is pretty hard for the kids to handle so I did most of the work and got Xav to help tape the sides together.

Xav named it "Rocket Racer" a what he read from the book and tried to make it fly.

For the English Class, they were introduced to leaves of different kinds of shapes and they had a matching game by going around the class to look for the various leaves and sticked them onto the board according to their shapes.

They did an activity on leaf stamping. He was more excited to hold the leaves than to have them run over by crayons.

Another creative piece done by Xav. Different colour for different leaves or rather differnt shapes. This is quite fun I think. Just collect leaves of different shapes, have some crayons and paper and you can do it at home too.

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