Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 Lesson 24

Lesson 24:

Peacock (孔雀)was introduced and it's favourite fruits; apples and bananas.

I learnt something new too, when the peacock opens up its beautiful fan, in mandarin it's known as "kong3 que4 kai1 ping2".

The kids were taught how to make a peacock. And here's Xav's new pet.

Singing along with his "pet"

During the english class, they were taught on the life cycle of a frog.

They were given the picture cards to form the sequencing of the life cycle.

Then, played a Frog Ball game

Before starting their project on "The life cycle of a frog" with a turnable wheel.

And the teacher ended the class with the bubble session.

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