Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zoophonics Lesson 22 & 23

Lesson 22, dear dear brought Xav to school as I'm on "mc" for runny nose ! But he himself is not spared from a cough bug ! So ended up he gotta wear a mask to school.

If am not wrong, they did a bear craft during the Chinese class and I can't seem to locate Xav's work today... Case of a missing bear here !

Got back his macaw craft from his tuesday craft. Teacher LJ went through rainforest topic with them.

Lesson 23, during the Chinese class, they were introduced to Tiger " 老虎"

Activity was they were to look for printout of tigers around the classroom and place them in the correct picture on the floor. The teacher had pasted a picture of a lion and a tiger.

And he painted a tiger !

During the English class, they did jigsaw puzzles on the different rainforest animals, mainly the Jaguar, the monkey and the macaw.

And arranging the rainforest animals to see which ones should be up in the trees or on land.

And did a monkey craft using yarns.. A super time consuming craft !

And I tried to take a bus instead of train today. Walking distance shorter as compared to walking to the train station but walking to our block seems a little further.

Nevertheless, it's another option to choose when it comes to transportation. But at least I don't need to change train when I reach SK !

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