Thursday, September 23, 2010

Xav @ 29 months

One more month to reach 2 1/2 years old ! My little boy is growing fast and getting a little cheekier, naughtier and of course more fun !

Sometimes really can't help but ask myself if I should be angry with him or smile and act as if nothing happened, cos he makes my heart melts by giving me a generous big hug after I scolded him and he of course softens my heart too when I gave him a hug after scolding him, explaining why I did that. He really sobs quietly and you can really see the tears flowing down. Tell me how to be harsh further ?!

His current weight should be about 12kg, height about 86 cm (estimated) still a super shortie !!

Xav learnt how to jump, this time round with two feet off the ground.

Speech wise, he can speak more proper sentences now and sometimes I can even hear him using prepositions.

But so far only I can understand what he is talking about. Not even the daddy.

His vocabulary in both languages has expanded ! And he is learning a little Japanese as well
I have been occasionally teaching him.

He knows the following trilingual (English, Mandarin & Japanese) when asked:
1. Yummy, 好吃, Oishii
2. Good night, 晚安, Oyasuminasai
3. Good morning, 早安, Ohayoo

The bilingual (English & Mandarin) for colours
1. Red , 红色
2. Green, 绿色
3. Orange, 橙色
4. Blue, 蓝色
5. Yellow, 黄色

Bilingual for animals:
1. Fish, 鱼
2. Dog, 狗
3. Pig, 猪
4. Cat, 猫
5. Rhinoceros, 犀牛
6. Giraffe, 长胫鹿
7. Elephant, 大象

Bilingual for numbers which he can read and speak:
1. One, 一
2. Two, 二
3. Three, 三
4. Four, 四
5. Five, 五
6. Six, 六

Bilingual for fruits:
1. Strawberries, 草莓
2. Kiwi, 奇异果
3. Water melon, 西瓜
4. Apple, 苹果

Bilingual for occupations:
1. Doctor, 医生 ( This one I caught him by surprise as I have yet to go through with him)
2. Policeman, 警察

And he knows a little about things associated with the Police like:
3. Police car, 警车
4. Handcuff, 手铐
5. Revolver, 手枪
6. Walkie Talkie, 对话机

As I made him some flashcards with removable Chinese characters, to show him the real equipment the policemen are using.

Hope to find one day, I bring him to look for the friendly police officers to show him the real thing !

Bilingual on transportation:
1. Aeroplane, 飞机
2. Bicycle, 脚踏车
3. Train, 火车

Latest word he learnt was 圆型 (Circle) and he likes to form circles with his fingers and wore them as glasses.

Thanks to Wink-to-learn, he learnt words like 动物 & 颜色 and some of the above.

I made some mini flashcards to teach him and only for that once I showed him, I was surprised that he recognises and can read the word 妈妈.

He understands when I talk to him in Mandarin like "过来,抹手,喝水 "and occasionally he can tell me 大便 when he wants to poo poo. It was like huh... Suddenly change and talk to me in mandarin and I have to really switch it fast and understand what he is trying to say.

And this is what the boy can do in the playground. My heart almost pop out when I see him swinging himself, afraid that he might lose grip and fall. Think I am a bit protective of him ? Probably I should be more easy and tell myself that my baby has grown up.

Its really different when he knows how to talk and express himself !

He went through the menu when I brought him for tea break at Secret Recipe, saw the ice -cream pic and his nagging skills starts ! "I want to eat ice-cream" all the way until I placed the order and told him that he gotta wait and he gave his "wahh..." when it was placed right infront of him..

Something which has been puzzling me. Whenever we reach Fernvale Station, Xav will say out loud "saddy" and insisted it to be saddy when we corrected him. Going further if we insist on Fernvale, he will get angry over it ! Funny isn't ? Probably "Saddy" is his own world ?

Comes to reading and am just so happy and glad that he likes his books ! Sometimes, he can be spotted in the studyroom, sitting on the floor and flipping through his books when am busy to read to him.

Standard timing he knows that I will be reading to him before nap time and before he goes to bed at night.

And it is really a challenge to put him to bed now as he is older. He sleeps lesser ! He can go napless the whole day or just nap for that 15 mins. Max is 1 hour. Sometimes I off lights at 9pm, he falls asleep at 10pm and wakes as early as 6.30 am !!! Kill me pleeeease !!

As of till date, he is partly potty trained. Hopefully, he can say bye to diapers soon !

Am looking forward to his growing up as days goes by as we are constantly learning together !

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