Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weather Chart with Bilingual Week of the Days

A mummy has placed an order for a weather chart and this of course add one more to Xav's learning aid !

I was thinking of starting one for Xav and since this request came at the same time and here it is !

All cards are fully laminated with 6 changable weather cards with Velcro behind them as well as the days of the week in both English and Mandarin.

Pocket is to store the cards which are not in use.

What I got Xav to do was every morning, I will ask him what's the weather and he will walk to the window and look up into the sky and comes back telling me if it's rainy or sunny and proceed to change the weather card if necessary.

So far he is learning his mandarin slowly and I would say pretty well.

He recognises and can read the following in mandarin;

For numbers : 一,二,三,四,五

General terms like 动物 & 颜色

The rest of the words I have yet to go through with him.

Please drop me an email or a tag un cbox, should u be interested in a pre-order of this kit.

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