Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nice reads for grabs !

Have been ordering some books for Xav after reading the online reviews for 'em !

He is totally in love with this ! Imagine that I gotta read this at least twice to him ? One before his nap and one before bed time. The other two occasions will be during the morning after his brekkie and in the early evening !

Colourfully illustrated, this book talks about the animals living in the jungle.

Be greeted by a simple poem at the start and at the end of the book.

I have always asked Xav to guess which animal is it hiding in the jungle to make it more interesting.

And he learnt to thud on his chest like a gorilla coupled with an "orh yee orh" sound effect !

He can even tell me that the Rhinoceros is 犀牛 in mandarin ! I was surprised !

Second book on his top favourite list is "Papa, please get the moon for me"

He can read nost of the story line in this book and he seriously likes it !

Normally, I will prompt him as I read on the next course of action to help him in apprehending the story slowly and he is doing really good !

With some fold out in the books, I guess all kids will love it !

Questions that I usually ask Xav;
1. After Monica told her father to get the moon for her, what did papa do ?

Xav: papa took a long ladder

2. After taking the ladder, where did papa go ?

Xav: high mountain

3. Where did papa put the very long ladder?

Xav: On top of mountain

And he went on with his actions as I read out.

Big foldout of the moon

and he imagined the round orange light in his room was the moon !!

The third book is "What makes a rainbow", a magic ribbon book,

Each page will magically show one colour of the rainbow

and as you flip the page, more will appear

And until the very last page, there will be a pop out rainbow !

And Xav will name the colours one by one and gave me the mandarin version of each colour. Xav, am really proud of you ! I didn't teach him in vain and these little results motivate me to teach him more !

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