Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Magic Island

Yesterday, Xav watched his first play "The Magic Island" at the Esplanade with Edna and Summer.

Unable to take any pics as they don't allow it.

Anyway, the poor fellow was frightened by the appearance of the turtle and monkey. He refused to look at them and clung onto me, hugging me really tight ! Was wondering if it could be due to the dark environment coupled with the costumes and faces of the actors.

I personally find the turtle kind of erm.. Eerie ? *laughs* I was telling Jo that her tongue was really thick and long !! No wonder Xav would be frightened by it ! Baby tiger was acceptable though.

He was only much better when Sally the singing snake, the starfishes as well as the flying fox were out.

At least he was willing to participate when the kids were told to pick up the seashells which they could find and also bursting the bubbles blown by the

Each time the animals said "bye bye", poor Xav will say "bye bye" tearfully and I meant tears really welled up in his eyes.

Am still wondering if he cried because he was afraid of the creatures or he doesn't want want them to leave ?

Well, an exposure for him this time and maybe I shall bring him for another show in Oct ?

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to bring him for the Sesame Street Show next week !

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