Friday, September 3, 2010

Impromptu Playdate

Last Saturday late noon, we invited the four little girls from our neighbour next door to come over and join Xav in playing his toys.

They are my neighbour's nieces and often she will fetch them over to her place over the weekends !

Very nice gals who really take care of Xav whenever he went over to monkey around at my neighbour's place.

And that noon, they played basketball with each other, Xav will burst out laughing whenever the ball dropped out from the net and one of the Jie Jie caught hold of the ball.

They even sat down to play the fishing game !

Watch the DVDs together and sing along.

And of course Xav didn't forget to show the Jie Jies his new Kettler balancing bike !

Together with the gals, it's like a mini party for Xav that noon because he got to eat whatever we offer the bigger kids like packet fruit juice and mini ice cream cones !

It's nice to have bigger kids or kids of the same age as Xav to play with him. As I'm pretty worried that he is not being exposed enough to learn how to share things alongside with other kids.
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