Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pan fried Smelt Roe (Shishamo)

It's always the best to cook this at home because I find that its so expensive to eat at Sushi Tei or Sakae Sushi. It's like $5 or $6 bucks for a plate of 3 ? We got the frozen packs at Giant for $6.90 per pack of 10.

I rubbed some salt before i coated them with egg mixture and Kentucky flour (supposed to use tempura flour but I didn't have it at home)

Pan fried till it turned golden, drizzle it with a dash of lemon juice.

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Zoophonics Term 3 Lesson 24

Lesson 24:

Peacock (孔雀)was introduced and it's favourite fruits; apples and bananas.

I learnt something new too, when the peacock opens up its beautiful fan, in mandarin it's known as "kong3 que4 kai1 ping2".

The kids were taught how to make a peacock. And here's Xav's new pet.

Singing along with his "pet"

During the english class, they were taught on the life cycle of a frog.

They were given the picture cards to form the sequencing of the life cycle.

Then, played a Frog Ball game

Before starting their project on "The life cycle of a frog" with a turnable wheel.

And the teacher ended the class with the bubble session.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bourgeois Spider Doodle

Last week, Xav did a spider doodle for his class. Seems that "The very busy spider" by Eric Carle is quite nice. Got most of the titles but not this.

Xav was in a pretty good mood that day. He was willing to stand infront of the class but comes to Q&A, he kept mum ! How to make him talk ......

But he did have fun in this session though to me it's kind of messy *laughs* probably that's him, he likes to play with paint !

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zoophonics Lesson 22 & 23

Lesson 22, dear dear brought Xav to school as I'm on "mc" for runny nose ! But he himself is not spared from a cough bug ! So ended up he gotta wear a mask to school.

If am not wrong, they did a bear craft during the Chinese class and I can't seem to locate Xav's work today... Case of a missing bear here !

Got back his macaw craft from his tuesday craft. Teacher LJ went through rainforest topic with them.

Lesson 23, during the Chinese class, they were introduced to Tiger " 老虎"

Activity was they were to look for printout of tigers around the classroom and place them in the correct picture on the floor. The teacher had pasted a picture of a lion and a tiger.

And he painted a tiger !

During the English class, they did jigsaw puzzles on the different rainforest animals, mainly the Jaguar, the monkey and the macaw.

And arranging the rainforest animals to see which ones should be up in the trees or on land.

And did a monkey craft using yarns.. A super time consuming craft !

And I tried to take a bus instead of train today. Walking distance shorter as compared to walking to the train station but walking to our block seems a little further.

Nevertheless, it's another option to choose when it comes to transportation. But at least I don't need to change train when I reach SK !

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Xav @ 29 months

One more month to reach 2 1/2 years old ! My little boy is growing fast and getting a little cheekier, naughtier and of course more fun !

Sometimes really can't help but ask myself if I should be angry with him or smile and act as if nothing happened, cos he makes my heart melts by giving me a generous big hug after I scolded him and he of course softens my heart too when I gave him a hug after scolding him, explaining why I did that. He really sobs quietly and you can really see the tears flowing down. Tell me how to be harsh further ?!

His current weight should be about 12kg, height about 86 cm (estimated) still a super shortie !!

Xav learnt how to jump, this time round with two feet off the ground.

Speech wise, he can speak more proper sentences now and sometimes I can even hear him using prepositions.

But so far only I can understand what he is talking about. Not even the daddy.

His vocabulary in both languages has expanded ! And he is learning a little Japanese as well
I have been occasionally teaching him.

He knows the following trilingual (English, Mandarin & Japanese) when asked:
1. Yummy, 好吃, Oishii
2. Good night, 晚安, Oyasuminasai
3. Good morning, 早安, Ohayoo

The bilingual (English & Mandarin) for colours
1. Red , 红色
2. Green, 绿色
3. Orange, 橙色
4. Blue, 蓝色
5. Yellow, 黄色

Bilingual for animals:
1. Fish, 鱼
2. Dog, 狗
3. Pig, 猪
4. Cat, 猫
5. Rhinoceros, 犀牛
6. Giraffe, 长胫鹿
7. Elephant, 大象

Bilingual for numbers which he can read and speak:
1. One, 一
2. Two, 二
3. Three, 三
4. Four, 四
5. Five, 五
6. Six, 六

Bilingual for fruits:
1. Strawberries, 草莓
2. Kiwi, 奇异果
3. Water melon, 西瓜
4. Apple, 苹果

Bilingual for occupations:
1. Doctor, 医生 ( This one I caught him by surprise as I have yet to go through with him)
2. Policeman, 警察

And he knows a little about things associated with the Police like:
3. Police car, 警车
4. Handcuff, 手铐
5. Revolver, 手枪
6. Walkie Talkie, 对话机

As I made him some flashcards with removable Chinese characters, to show him the real equipment the policemen are using.

Hope to find one day, I bring him to look for the friendly police officers to show him the real thing !

Bilingual on transportation:
1. Aeroplane, 飞机
2. Bicycle, 脚踏车
3. Train, 火车

Latest word he learnt was 圆型 (Circle) and he likes to form circles with his fingers and wore them as glasses.

Thanks to Wink-to-learn, he learnt words like 动物 & 颜色 and some of the above.

I made some mini flashcards to teach him and only for that once I showed him, I was surprised that he recognises and can read the word 妈妈.

He understands when I talk to him in Mandarin like "过来,抹手,喝水 "and occasionally he can tell me 大便 when he wants to poo poo. It was like huh... Suddenly change and talk to me in mandarin and I have to really switch it fast and understand what he is trying to say.

And this is what the boy can do in the playground. My heart almost pop out when I see him swinging himself, afraid that he might lose grip and fall. Think I am a bit protective of him ? Probably I should be more easy and tell myself that my baby has grown up.

Its really different when he knows how to talk and express himself !

He went through the menu when I brought him for tea break at Secret Recipe, saw the ice -cream pic and his nagging skills starts ! "I want to eat ice-cream" all the way until I placed the order and told him that he gotta wait and he gave his "wahh..." when it was placed right infront of him..

Something which has been puzzling me. Whenever we reach Fernvale Station, Xav will say out loud "saddy" and insisted it to be saddy when we corrected him. Going further if we insist on Fernvale, he will get angry over it ! Funny isn't ? Probably "Saddy" is his own world ?

Comes to reading and am just so happy and glad that he likes his books ! Sometimes, he can be spotted in the studyroom, sitting on the floor and flipping through his books when am busy to read to him.

Standard timing he knows that I will be reading to him before nap time and before he goes to bed at night.

And it is really a challenge to put him to bed now as he is older. He sleeps lesser ! He can go napless the whole day or just nap for that 15 mins. Max is 1 hour. Sometimes I off lights at 9pm, he falls asleep at 10pm and wakes as early as 6.30 am !!! Kill me pleeeease !!

As of till date, he is partly potty trained. Hopefully, he can say bye to diapers soon !

Am looking forward to his growing up as days goes by as we are constantly learning together !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fishmaw & Seafood Soup

Tried making this myself yesterday.

No specific recipe because I added what i wanted. I used fishmaw, kanami chunks (crab legs), black fungus, shrimps, beaten eggs and mushroom.

Soak mushroom, fishmaw and black fungus before hand.

Cut into the sizes you want, boil everything for about 25 mins except for kanami chunks and shrimps. Add them probably after 15 mins as they are easily cooked. Add soy sauce to taste.

Stir in the beaten egg slowly and add cornflour mixture to thicken the soup.

Top with parsley and a dash of pepper before serving. It goes well with vinegar too.

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Paper rolls Doodle

We were pretty early last friday and Xav was like doodling around on the paper while waiting for the class to start.

He did paper rolls for that class and he gets to decorate using different medium.

This is the completed project.

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中秋节快乐 !

The Chuas take this opportunity to wish all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

This year I learnt to make some custard fillings.

Thanks to Jo's recipe. Can't post it as this is her selling recipe. And I made two boxes yesterday one for my best pal whom I have not seen for the longest time this year due to her busy schedule and one for my neighbour.

A mixture of green tea, white lotus as well as custard fillings.

Hope she can get to gobble them down for tea or supper if she is camping in her office again =p

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Monday, September 20, 2010


Finally !!! Did my ever first bake on cuppie ! To be frank, I don't dare to bake on my own because I am afraid that it might flop ! I waited and waited till I found this really simple recipe !

This is known as Clear Water Cake (Sponge Cake),清水蛋糕.

It's really soft and Xav couldn't stop eating ! I made this for him for his teabreak.

Came across some new terms which I learnt at the same time.

Frothy: Foamy or bubbles forming in the egg white mixture.

Stiff peak: Egg white mixture stands up straight when beater is lifted up from the bowl while it is still moist and glossy.

Pour them into the cups

and ready for the oven !

It will sink a little after it has been cooled down and I like it as it's not too sweet yet it's so soft.

Give this a try !

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fireman Learning Kit

Finally, it's done ! Took me about a month or so to do it and waited until we visited the Central Fire Station then I enforced the follow up with Xav !

This folder contained mini flashcards on the fire fighting equipment and a pocket to hold the cards.

I am still trying to plan where should I position the pocket.

On top is a row for "Making Patterns" with the cute little fireman and fire extinguishers. Each row has 10 blanks and can add more if you wish to.

Next, is a mini colouring booklet where Xav can colour on.

There are about 11 different colouring pages where he can colour on. Am still thinking if I should laminate them and let him use the washable markers or just let him use colour pencils or crayons as the feel of using different medium is really different !

Am still trying to develop more activities in the folder as he learns.

Behind the folder, he can play shadow matching game and am glad that he is doing well ! He managed to get all in the correct places.

Last but not least is the "Spell your name" folder. I have yet to cut out the alphabets to stick on. This can help them to spell their name by rearranging the letters !

This is a good site to visit for making your own Fireman lapbook !

Stay tuned for the next learning kit ! It sure keeps the little ones occupy !
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Banana prawn rolls

Chanced upon a recipe here and it's definately a good way to use up the remaining super ripe bananas.

Made this for dinner and was certain that it's a hit for Xav. He loves it.

Marinate the 300g of shell and deveined prawns with:
1. Half a chicken stock cube (I use the knorr chicken powder instead as I don't have chicken cubes)
2. Pinch of sugar and salt
3. 1/2 tsp of tapioca flour or corn flour
4. 1 tsp sesame oil
5. 1/2 tsp Hua tiao wine

Other ingredients:
1. Vietnamese rice paper
2. 2-3 ripe bananas

1. Marinate the prawns until mixture becomes elastic and bouncy, leave aside for 10-15 mins.
2. Gently mix in banana

Was told to soften the rice paper in lukewarm water.

But the skin broke very easily.

Was given a tip that use wet cloth to wipe instead of wetting it with water so retain the springy feel of the rice paper.

Ready to be pan fried for a healthier choice and remember to eat it piping hot ! It's definately juicy and tasty !

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Zoophonics Term 3 ~ Lesson 20 & 21

Lesson 20 was introduced to 狮子 during the mandarin class.
Being a ferocious beast with long mane and King of the jungle (森林之王)

They did a mini craft of a lion using circles.

During the English class, they were introduced to "life in a pond" and were taught on what kind of animals or insects could be found in a pond as well as going through a life cycle of a frog.

They did an activity on shadow matching as well and Xav loves it. I have made him a set as well.

He was pretty excited when he knew that they were going to make a frog and goes around "gree-bit, gree-bit".

Working on his frog craft

Pretty cute ! Shall keep the frog in his Letter F learning kit.

Lesson 21 covered on 猴子 and their food.

They played a simple activity of placing the laminated monkeys onto the correct fruit which they eat. The teacher placed three different fruits on the floor and they are supposed to choose the correct one.

Followed by making a monkey mask !

This is not Xav hahaha but the classmate whom Xav loves to disturb by constantly going over to Yu Qi's mummy asking her to carry him, making Yu Qi jealous. Isn't Xav nottie ?!

During the English class, they were taught how the turtle reproduce and were given the sequence card.

Followed by shadow matching of the turtle body parts.

Then, a turtle craft.

His turtle doesn't have lines on it's shell but polka dots ! Special isn't hahaha..

Shall post the pic when we collect it next week.

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