Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 Lesson 9, 10, 11 & 12

This was a make up class on Wed and definately I am glad that am in the Thursday class.

The caregivers, parent or grandparents were not as motivating as compared to those on Thursday classes.

Of course I believe it will affect the kids somehow. Most of the kids, out of 8, only 2 responded spontaneously to the activities and Xav is one of them. The rest either ran around the room, lie down on the floor or simply just make noise when it's story telling time ! Best part was the adults cannot be bothered at all !

For the Mandarin class, I kind of forgot what they taught. Probably it's the revision of the various occupation they learnt. The has been lagging too far behind.

But for the English class, its the continuation of The Lil' Red Riding Hood !

Today, the kids made a big bad wolf !

Lesson 10 was accompanied by Deardear as I was down with stomach flun and had threw up for two days and there goes my pounds which I gained painstakingly !!

If I didn't remember wrongly, they were taught on the various mode of transport. They covered on aeroplane (飞机)

Lesson 11 was on train 火车 and things like where the rain will be running on tracks (铁轨开着)

Lesson 12covered on ships (船)and there are a few types like 大轮船,鱼船 and 客船.

and a rather interesting activity they did during the English class ! They were read to a story " If you give a mouse a cookie" ! Xav had loads of fun going around the class, looking for cookies and sticking them onto the board.

And they teachers prepared a gigantic cookie monster and asked the kids to pretend feeding "cookies" to the Cookie Monster

Afterwich, they were given flour, water and Chocolate rice to mix into a dough and sent it for baking !

Ready to bake !

Of course they were not given their own "cookie" to eat but real chocolate Chips cookie !

And ended with a bubble time !

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