Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swim date with Xiang Xiang

This was quite some time back as I was way too lazy to retrieve the memory card from the camera.. hahaha . pure laziness ..

Had a swim date with Xiang Xiang on a thursday noon and indeed was a memorable one. We took the LRT from Fernvale and guess what, not even reaching to the next stop, the LRT mulfunction ! It just stalled half way, in between the tracks ! Initially, I could still keep cool. But I must admit, I started to panic a bit when the air con just stopped working for more than 15 mins and given the crowd in the cabin, I was so worried that there is not sufficient oxygen for Xav... hahaha ... Ultimately, the staff came down and managed to get the train moved to the next stop. I was kind of pissed off, no refund for the fares and what they did was asking us to transfer to another train from the opposite route. End up, without even thinking, I walked Xav all the way to the pool. Good training for me I must say.

and thank you to Angie for recommending this waterproof camera casing ! I can't leave home without it now !

Especially to the pools and parks with water play !

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