Sunday, August 15, 2010

National Day Playdate 2010 ! Live our dreams, Fly our Flag !

We held the second gathering at our place on National Day eve ! A massive big group with the daddies, mummies and todds for a National Day Playdate !

I thank all for attending the playdate and made it a fun one ! And Jo's Singapore Flag Orange butter cake certainly spiced up the party !

Some watched the Thomas & Friends DVD, after the end of it, Ju's papa read the book on Thingumajids to the boys who got so engrossed in it ! Thumbs up, Ju papa !

A really nice gesture of the gang to get us a gift for our new house ! It's a Kitchen Aid ! I was like overjoyed

as this is one of the items on my wishlist, when I am more experienced in baking some time later and it's now like a wish come true !

Big thank you once again to the mummies from (April 2008): Angeline, Adeline, Amy, Delia, Esther, Erna, Jasmine, Joelle, Jubilee, Lai Ming, Pearl, Sharon, Sherin, Shirley, Stephanie, Veronica, Violet, Yanti & Yvonne.

Missed Adel, Jas, Jub & LM on that day to thank you face to face.

I love the Kitchen Aid and hope I would be able to do up some decent cakes soon !

Got the kids to assist me in opening up the magic box by tapping and singing "What's in the box today"

Made a combined collage for the Mar/ April 2008 babies and of course including the youngest among all, Edna. How fast they grow !

Not all are captured as I was rather busy in the kitchen.

Hope all had fun and enjoyed the little dishes I have cooked for all.

Not forgetting to thank Angie again for the lovely bake and carry muffin tray.

Looking forward to hosting another gathering here !I just love to have friends in my house heeee ..

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