Friday, August 20, 2010

Moose Track Doodle

This was done 2 weeks ago and I couldn't bring it back as the paint was still wet then.

It's like a continuation of the moose, the kids are taught to make moose prints ! And not sure of the reason, he gets abit emo near to the end of the lesson which I realised. Getting him to present is really tough occasionally.

And likes the goodbye song best ! For he likes "jumping "

And his most recent achievement @ 28 months, is jumping up, lifting both his feet slightly off the floor !

Initially he doesn't know how to jump with feet off the floor. I motivated him by reading him a story book "Jump over the Puddle", loaned from NLB. Quite
a simple and nice book.

From here, he learnt who is Panda, Owl and Sheep !

And best part was he learnt his jumping through here !

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