Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ Lawry's Prime Ribs

Last thursday, dear dear treated me to a surprise birthday dinner @ Lawry's Prime Ribs.

I didn't "smell" anything that day even though it was quite unusual of him to insist on going out for dinner despite telling him that I don't feel like going out.

I didn't know that they had moved to Mandarin Shopping Gallery.

The appetizer was "Spinning Bowl Salad" and prawns.

Prepared right in front of our eyes and ate it with the chilled fork!

The lawry's cut was not too bad though I didn't like food with gravy. The beef was still tender despite it has turn cold.

The Lamb ribs were not too bad too !

A really fulfilling dinner ! Ate till I was so full that I felt only much better after having to walk from where we were to Plaza Singapura.

And the restaurant staff had helped us take a family pic and got it printed out nicely, framed in a holder for us.

And as usual, Xav sang the birthday song non stop and didn't bear to blew off the flame on the candle.

Thanks dear dear for the dinner !

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